Novel Brewing Company

Local Small Batch Brewery and Tasting Room in Oakland, CA. :: Tasting Room open Wed-Fri 4pm-10pm, Sat 12pm-10pm, Sun 12pm-10pm

The Overcoat :: Chapter 7

And so the adventure continues. As we look ahead along this crazy route we have mapped for ourselves, a turn in the road from what I would have pictured happening just five years ago, I imagine the bumps getting smaller. I hope for the bumps to get smaller. Maybe just some rolling hills to make it interesting?

It has been some trial to get this place open and even today we are working on fixing something that broke, trying to make something work better, attempting to squeeze into two days what should be done in two weeks. Why do this to ourselves? I think it is the happy faces that we see pass us as they walk by and say hello, the people that say “I can’t wait!”, the neighborhood excitement for the street festival happening this weekend that would be such a shame not to be a part of. Or maybe my eagerness to fulfill my promise to that one person that said they really don’t like beer that I can find them a beer to like. But really it is to make our dream happen.

So as we make that turn in the road from the start of beer making (yes, we blinked and that milestone happened and is now normalcy) to serving beer, I’m going to decide to finally enjoy this chapter of Novel Brewing Company.