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NOTE: We still love this idea and want to bring it to life, but we are currently putting it on hold.  Stay tuned!

It's like that time you stumbled out of the musty smoke filled venue--stoked on life, because you just heard the best rendition of maybe 3 of 5 tracks on your top 5 tracks-performed-live-all-time list, and the bouncer guy outside the exit door hands you a rock poster with a perfect psychedelic illustration that sums up your exact feeling at that moment, and you know the perfect place for it when you get back to your apartment--next to the beer poster right? 

No, but really.  Didn't you love rock posters? 

It is our goal to create an original poster for every beer we brew. Of course, we can't attempt this feat alone.  If you want to help, use the contact page to let us know, and we will send you the template / art files and beer name to set you on the path to creating the next great beer poster!