2:30 PM14:30

St. Patty's Day SLIDERS :: SSO Kitchen

Come in for SLIDERS with a St. Patrick's Day theme this Sunday from 2:30 to 7 pm!

Slider MENU:
Corned beef / Spicy Cabbage / Horseradish Aioli
Banger Sausages / Garlic Mash Potato / Dubliner Cheese
Roasted Red Pepper / Jameson Glazed / Mozzarella

SSO Kitchen is an Oakland based pop-up restaurant, pairing inventive and gourmet cuisine.

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12:30 PM12:30

Pasta Bar :: SSO Kitchen!

Choice of 3 Sauces:

(1) Roasted Garlic / Cabernet Sauvignon/ San Marzano

(2) Wild Mushroom / Pinot Gricio / 3 Cheese

(3) Pine Nuts / Basil / Parmigiano Reggiano 

Choice of 2 Pastas:

(1) Linguine

(2) Penne

Choice of 2 Meats:

(1) Herb Roasted Chicken

(2) Italian Sausage 

Served with Garlic Toast!

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10:30 AM10:30

3rd Annual Beer & Brunch

We are continuing our neighborhood tradition with our 3rd Annual Beer & Brunch event planned for Sunday, February 10th. This year we are doing a 10:30 am and 12:30 pm seating, so secure your spot by purchasing tickets ($35) in the tasting room or on Eventbrite:

Eventbrite 10:30 AM Seating

Eventbrite 12:30 PM Seating

NOTE: the tasting room will open back up the public at 3 pm!

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3:00 PM15:00

Ask The Brewer!

Attention all home brewers, beer drinkers, entrepreneurs, and neighbors alike, Brian the Brewer has offered to step up to the mic and attempt to answer all your beer-centric questions!

We will kick off the talk with discussing some of the processes behind our 2019 Beer Week releases, and follow it up with a Q&A session.  Ask anything from the pitfalls to starting a brewery, to what does it take to make a Brut IPA. We will also have a jar at the bar for writing down your questions the week leading up to and during this event.  Let's do this!

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7:00 PM19:00

Author Q&A / Book Signing

Eliot Peper returns to the tasting room for the release of his latest novel Borderless, and this time brings a friend, Eva Hagberg Fisher, who is on a national book tour for her critically acclaimed forthcoming memoir How To Be Loved

They will be interviewing each other about their respective books and the art of writing fiction and memoir.

For the uninitiated, Borderless is a lush, philosophical novel extrapolating the rise of tech platforms and the decline of the nation state and How To Be Loved is a raw, moving memoir about illness, friendship, and figuring out what love really means. Both books have earned critical acclaim and we can't wait for them to delve into the creative process behind them!

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7:00 PM19:00

Book Swap & Left Margin Lit

We love all thing literature so this year we are excited to announce we are expanding our book swap night to also include Left Margin Lit! Between finding that perfect book to take home, and/or making someone happy by bringing in that perfect book for them to take home, settle in to hear some writers from Left Margin Lit share their stories.

BOOK SWAP: You can bring in as many books as you like, and the ones that don't find a new home will go into our book stash earmarked for our Little Lending Library.  The swap begins at 7:00 pm and the rules are: (1) add your book(s) to the cart with an index card that has your name, and a bit of why the book is a great read.  (2) What's the best part? If someone takes your book home to read, you get $1 off your next pint!


Left Margin LIT is a creative writing center offering classes, camaraderie, and mentorship to East Bay writers of all backgrounds and experience levels. They are also a work space for writers. They aim to promote storytelling and poetry as vital elements of a healthy city: enriching dialogue, building community, and supporting a culture of creativity. For this event, they will set up a booth in the tasting room for you to learn more about their organization, and they will have a few readers take the mic and read some stories created during their classes.

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7:00 PM19:00

Super Game Night!

Did you know we do a Super Game Night every Tuesday in the tasting room? Besides our AMAZING monthly trivia nights (every 2nd Tuesday of the month), we have board games available in the tasting room (at all times) and we hook up the projector to a game console for some old school game play on Tuesdays. 

For Beer Week, to celebrate our love of games, we are bringing back our Connect 4 Tournament, and adding a Super Mario Kart Challenge! 

Challenge a friend, or someone you just met at the brewery, to a game of Super Mario Kart or Connect 4, and the winner receives $1 off their next pint of beer! Connect 4 is also tournament play with the overall winner getting crowned the 2019 Connect 4 Champion and their name added to the trophy!

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5:00 PM17:00

Punctuation Party!

We will be releasing all 3 of our collaboration brews, and host a PUNCTUATION PARTY happy hour from 5 to 7 pm with our collaborators: Cleophus Quealy, Hoi Polloi, and Triple Rock!

Novel Brewing Co. & Hoi Polloi Collaboration :: Inverted Question Mark :: American Wheat with Sauvignon Blanc Grapes

ABV: 5.8% Hops: NZ Organic Nelson

What is this¿¡ Madness. Wine grapes in my beer¿¡ This unique American wheat ale, intensely dry hopped with Nelson, has a generous amount of sauvignon blanc grapes added during fermentation to compliment the cool climate white grape and fruity character of Nelson hops.

Novel Brewing Co. & Cleophus Quealy Collaboration :: Snark Mark :: Hazy IPA with Hibiscus, Oolong, and Grapefruit Peel

ABV: 6.7% Hops: Amarillo, Cascade, Citra

You know what this hazy needs.~ hibiscus and oolong tea--said no one ever. This snarky remark was the beginning of what turned into a complex and wonderfully delicious hazy IPA. Grapefruit peel was added mid-fermentation to make the hops pop in your glass. Get ready to crush this!

Novel Brewing Co. & Triple Rock Collaboration :: The Pilcrow :: Blonde Ale with Chamomile and Lime

ABV: 5.6% Hops: SI Styrian Celeia, NZ Motueka

At first glance, you see a blonde ale in front of you, but the pilcrow will tell you this is no ordinary blonde.  Fresh lime zest and chamomile flowers add an unsuspecting pizazz that will pontificate on your taste buds, leaving your mind exhilarated yet surrounded by a sense of calm.

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3:00 PM15:00

Game Time Pretzels & Spaetzel by Squabisch!

Join us to watch the 🏈 Super Bowl 🏈! We will have the game on both the bar TV and the projector screen.

FOOD: We will also have German-style 🥨 pretzels 🥨 and spaetzle from Squabisch from kick-off through to the final play.

BEER SPECIAL: We will also be doing $1 off your pints if your team is winning! Here are the rules of this game:

  • When ordering your first pint, select which team you will root for during the entirety of the game.

  • The bar staff will stamp your hand, showing which team you selected, and give you $1 off the pint.

  • If your team is winning (not tied), you will receive $1 off any additional pints of beer you order while your team is in the lead.

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12:00 PM12:00

Beer Week Blast-off!

Help Novel Brewing Co. kick off the 2019 Beer Week with special beer releases, including a few limited bottle releases, and some of your past favorites from our cellar! All beers listed below go on tap, and bottles will be on sale starting at Noon.


Interpunct :: Juicy IPA
ABV: 6.8%
Hops: NZ Organic Nelson

Like a run on sentence with interpuncts between every word, this juicy IPA is loaded with Nelson hops, leaving no moment to breath in the empty space--just a soft pillowy deluge of passionfruit and gooseberry to carry you to the end.

BOTTLE RELEASES (limited number)

Beer Hoarder :: Barrel Aged Imperial Stout aged in Heaven Hill bourbon / whiskey barrels with local honey, Madagascar vanilla beans, TCHO cocoa nibs, Vietnamese cinnamon, and habanero chiles.
ABV: 11%
Hops: UK Target, UK Fuggle

You know who you are. Yeah you. Get ready to hoard the s**t out of this. This beer was made for you. We asked some of our regulars what they thought would make for the most hoard friendly beer. The result is this incredibly bold yet balanced barrel aged imperial stout with a vanilla, honey and chocolate drenched body, cinnamon spice up front, and a happy habanero heat to finish the sipping sensation.

Simulacrux :: Barrel Aged Belgian-style Quadrupel Sour Ale w/ Red Tart Cherries
ABV: 12%
Hops: UK Target, GR Hallertauer Mittelfruh

Like tumbling down the rabbit hole on a psychedelic adventure, Simulacrux will make you wonder, “Is this real or is it just fantasy?” We took Simulacra, our Belgian-style Quad, and barrel aged it with an early version of our house mixed fermentation culture for twelve months, then aged it on red tart cherries. This beer has compound notes of dark fruit, cherry, malty molasses, and bubble gum, with a hint of funk and mild tartness.

Lexicon :: Barrel Aged Mixed Fermentation Saison w/ Blackberry
ABV: 7.0%
Hops: UK Golding

Brettanomyces, lactobacillus, lactic acid, saccharomyces, are just a few of the words that make up our brewing lexicon and are present in this mixed fermentation’s vocabulary.  Lexicon spent 12 months in oak barrels with an early version of our house mixed fermentation culture, and then was aged with blackberries in stainless steel.

Note: These beers will also be on tap in the tasting room.


Peach Don’t Preach [2018] :: Golden Sour Ale
ABV: 5.2%
Hops: Willamette

A golden ale wood fermented in two red wine barrels of unknown origin with a different Belgian yeast in each barrel, along with multiple brett strains, lacto, and pedio. The beer remained in the barrel after fermentation for a little more than 6 months before getting blended together in a stainless steel tank, where it matured on peaches.

Imperial Affliction [2018] :: Imperial Stout aged in rum barrels with toasted coconut
ABV: 10.4 %
Hops: UK Fuggle, UK Target

In 2018, Imperial Affliction was aged in rum barrels from Barbados for three months afflicting a bold imperial stout with roast, coffee, and deep dark chocolate goodness. Sip upon sip will torment your senses with a full body of charred oak, caramel, molasses, and enough tropical rum and coconut to twist your mind into thinking you want more.

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