Years ago, Brian wanted to be the next great American novelist. Instead, he got hooked on the art and science of brewing beer. He took his BA in English and Philosophy to the American Brewers Guild, and then with diploma in hand, spent every last morsel of energy building a brewery to house his passion for brewing and engineering. 




Teresa grew up south of St. Louis, but her taste buds never aligned with the local macro lager. It took her relocating to the Bay Area in 2001 to discover great tasting beer. Meeting Brian put that beer discovery on a fast track and the rest is Novel Brewing Company history!  



Heather has lived in the bay area most of her life, and the last 17 years just in Oakland.  She has a background in Managing bars and Restaurants, including a few years of Managing Triple Rock Brewery in Berkeley, where she was fully immersed in the world of craft beer and its fans.  She will be more than happy to explain our beers to you and help you pick out your new favorite!


Beer Server

Keith has lived in the Bay Area for 14 years now, mostly in Oakland and much of that in Novel Brewing Company's neighborhood. He has a background in kitchen and taproom management, including being taproom manager for Ale Industries in Oakland for two years. Keith has also been a homebrewer for over 10 years, and has experience brewing beer, mead, sake and cider. He loves to share his knowledge of beer and fermentation and will help you find the right beer for you!


Beer Server

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